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Some great exercise for your body, soul… and your skin!

This is a fast paced modern world we live in and it leaves no time for nurturing the mind, body and soul let alone the skin. That doesn’t make it any less important though so it becomes necessary then to devise some rather fast and effective methods to keep yourself looking and feeling your best.

One of the best possible ways to accomplish all of these nourishing tasks is to get some exercise. One of the greatest forms of exercise is martial arts. Yoga in particular is a great way to work out the body, get the blood circulating, activate the neural endings in the brain and skin, and release chemicals in the body that will help your mind reach levels of relaxation, openness and expansiveness. Yoga is not just a physical workout but a holistic mind/body/soul practice that can put your body in a state that allows it to function at peak levels. Practicing yoga will sharpen your mental acuity. You will find that your memory is better and your ability to learn new information then recall it quickly at the appropriate time is enhanced. Yoga is a practice that aligns the body and connects the practitioner with the natural forces of nature allowing you to balance your mind, body, soul, and yes skin.

There are many other techniques available to help us accomplish a holistically healthy body and soul, Yoga is just one of them. Many of the Eastern martial arts were created precisely for these purposes. The practices of Tantra, Kundulini, Tai Chi, TaeKwondo and various others are used often by people of all backgrounds. The traditional Western sport can facilitate the process of delivering a healthy body, soul and lovely skin. Running, jogging, swimming, golf, dancing and a rather unique sport called parkour can all produce effects on the body that can induce healthy and fit bodies, increase blood circulation leading to beautiful and healthy skin. When your body feels and looks good then you have effectively nourished your soul.

There are many options available to holistically improve mind, body, soul and skin. The important thing is that you find what works for you and stick with a routine.

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