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Three Excellent Bad-Weather At-Home Exercises

Regular exercise is important, but sometimes, the weather conditions are not ideal for outdoor exercise. Fortunately, there are a number of exercises that women can do without leaving their homes. Below are three excellent indoor workouts:


Not only is dancing a great an exercise, but it is also a lot of fun. There is nothing like putting on one’s favorite tunes and dancing the afternoon away. A person weighing 155 pounds can burn about 387 calories an hour dancing at a slow pace. You can burn even more depending on the kind of dancing.


Women may also want to consider jogging in place or jogging around her home. A woman can burn over 600 calories per hour jogging a pace of 5.2 mph. She can burn almost 800 calories per hour if she jogs at a pace of 6.7 mph.


Jogging and dancing are great cardio exercises, but it is also important to incorporate resistance training into one’s program. Resistance training helps a person burn calories for hours after the workout is over. Lunges are a great at-home exercise that can help tone the legs and the thighs. A lunge is performed by stepping forward and slowly lowering the body into a lunge position. It is important to make sure that the knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. A person should do 8-12 reps and 2-3 sets of lunges.

Bad weather is no excuse to skip one’s workout. Dancing, jogging and lunges are just a few of the many at-home indoor exercises that people can do.

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