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SkinMedica Peels: Vitalize & Rejuvenize Chemical Peels

SkinMedica Vitalize and Rejuvenize are two powerful tools that are used to combat and reverse signs of aging. Vitalize (a lighter peel) and Rejuvenize (a stronger peel) are both suitable for all skin types. Each peel treats moderate to severe skin issues, including lines and wrinkles, melasma, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, rough skin, acne and acne scarring. The deeply penetrating peel is well-tolerated and produces outstanding results with minor skin irritation and minimal downtime. Patients experience noticeable improvements after just one peel, and the results become more distinct after three to six peels.

What to Expect With SkinMedica Peels at Ultra Smooth Skin

A SkinMedica Peel at Ultra Smooth Skin uses a unique blend of peeling components, and patients experience noticeable improvements in the general condition of their skin. After only one treatment, the skin’s texture is smoother and fine lines and wrinkles are often reduced. The color and clarity of the skin are also noticeably enhanced. With each consecutive peel, the appearance and texture of the skin improve further. You can achieve significant results after three to six treatments with SkinMedica peels at one of our Ultra Smooth Skin locations.

The Consultation

Here at Ultra Smooth Skin, we understand that all successful treatments start with a comfortable, open rapport, which is developed during the consultation and maintained at each appointment. During your consultation, one of our aesthetic specialists will ask about your cosmetic concerns and goals. We will also review your medical history and examine the condition of your skin. If you are a good candidate for SkinMedica peels, we will proceed with treatment.

The Procedure

The complete chemical peel procedure will take approximately 45 minutes; this includes time to answer any of your questions and to discuss your post-peel care. The treatment application takes about 20 minutes. Tolerance varies between patients, and a tingling or burning sensation is a normal, expected reaction. A handheld fan during the procedure can minimize the discomfort, which typically recedes within a few minutes.

Vitalize and Rejuvenize Results and Follow-up Treatments

Multiple Vitalize or Rejuvenize treatments may be needed to achieve the results that you desire. Our specialists can recommend a series of peels based on the level of your skin damage. The number of peels typically varies from three to six and may be repeated every four to six weeks. The results achieved by the SkinMedica peels are cumulative and are more favorable when combined with your SkinMedica product regimen. We will give you a thorough plan for achieving and maintaining your goals.


How Do Vitalize and Rejuvenize Work?

Vitalize and Rejuvenize peels are a unique blend of denatured alcohol, salicylic acid, resorcinol, lactic acid, and other targeted ingredients. Vitalize (the lighter peel) and Rejuvenize (the stronger peel) activate an accelerated skin exfoliation that produces a more uniform complexion and younger, healthier skin.

How Are SkinMedica Peels Different From Other Chemical Peels?

Vitalize and Rejuvenize Peels by SkinMedica are different from other chemical peels because they utilize a revolutionary, non-invasive approach to chemical peeling. By using a newer generation of acids in combination with commonly used peeling agents, SkinMedica peels stimulate the production of collagen while improving pigmentation. Acne scars and melasma are reduced, and you’re left with healthier, younger-looking skin with moderate skin irritation and minimal downtime.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Vitalize and Rejuvenize Peels?

You may be a good Vitalize and Rejuvenize candidate if you have moderate to severe skin imperfections due to aging, sun exposure, acne or pigmentary changes. If you are in good health and want to treat and improve fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scars and uneven skin tone and texture, you may be a good candidate.

Who Shouldn't Get Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels should not be completed on pregnant or lactating women. Individuals who are taking certain medications or who have certain health issues or skin conditions may not be eligible for a chemical peel treatment. We will review your medical history, examine your skin and provide you with recommendations that match your unique situation at your Ultra Smooth Skin consultation.

How Often Should I Get a Chemical Peel?

SkinMedica peels are consecutive, and your plan may recommend three to six peels, every four to six weeks to achieve your desired cosmetic goals.

Are SkinMedica Peels Painful? Is Anesthesia Available?

Vitalize and Rejuvenize peels are popular alternatives to old, painful chemical peel techniques that required anesthesia, caused scabbing, required downtime and took weeks to heal. This new technology involves only minor discomfort during the treatment, and you will be alert and kept comfortable during the treatment.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of SkinMedica Peels?

For most patients, the only noticeable effects of the chemical peel treatment are necessary, expected reactions that the peel causes to the skin. This includes facial redness and peeling. Some patients also see a yellowing of the skin immediately following treatment. This will subside quickly.

Why Should I Choose Ultra Smooth Skin for SkinMedica Peels?

Our Ultra Smooth Skin medical director, Lisa Williams, is a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and a trainer for Allergan. SkinMedica is an Allergan® company, and Ultra Smooth Skin is an Allergan Black Diamond provider. This means that Ultra Smooth Skin is in the top 1% of Allergan providers in the United States. Lisa and our team of aesthetic providers specialize in facial anti-aging and administer SkinMedica peels in each of our three convenient locations in Scottsdale and Chandler, Arizona.

How Much Do SkinMedica Peels Cost?

Ultra Smooth Skin offers monthly specials and participates in the Allergan Brilliant Distinctions program. This program will allow you to earn points with each Botox and Juvederm treatment and SkinMedica peel or product purchase. You can use your points for exclusive discounts on future Allergan treatments and products, including SkinMedica. See our price list below and contact us for details.

Where Can I See Before and After Photos of Patients Who Have Been Treated with SkinMedica Peels?

To see Vitalize and Rejuvenize peel results, visit SkinMedica’s official website. You can view before and after photos of real patients who have received peels produced by SkinMedica. We also offer before and after photos for your perusal in our Phoenix-area medical spas. Ask to see them during your next appointment or chemical peel consultation.

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