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Pulse Therapy Cellulite Removal

Z-Wave is so popular because it is effective. It uses large bursts of pulsing energy in the form of radial shockwaves that break up tissues around the cellulite. As the tissues are broken, the gas bubbles that surround the tissues and cause the dimpled appearance are also broken, leading to a flattening and smoothing of the skin. It is a wonderful option if you maintain a healthy weight yet still struggle with lumpy skin from cellulite. Not only can it be used on the typical cellulite treatment zone of the upper thighs, it is also hugely effective on the abdomen, upper arms and buttocks.

What to Expect From a Cellulite Removal Treatment at Ultra Smooth Skin

We offer Z-Wave cellulite treatment in Scottsdale at our Gainey location. Expect to receive expert care with an emphasis on individualization and thoughtfulness. Our experienced providers offer convenient appointment times that suit your busy schedule.

Your Complete ZWave Cellulite Treatment Experience

The Z-Wave Cellulite Removal Consultation

Your cellulite treatment with Z-Wave will begin with a comprehensive consultation during which we will determine if Z-Wave is the right option for you. We will ask you about your past medical history and will examine your desired treatment areas to determine if they would be adequately corrected with Z-Wave. Upon determining that you fit the criteria for treatment, we will help you schedule your first in a series of procedures.

The Cellulite Removal Procedure

If you are like most patients, you will find Z-Wave relaxing. Your provider will use a handheld device to direct the radial waves into your cellulite. The procedure should last no more than 30 minutes and may last as little as 10 minutes depending on the number of treatment areas.

Z-Wave Cellulite Treatment Results and Follow-up Treatments

Because Z-Wave cellulite treatment in Scottsdale is non-invasive and requires no anesthetic, you will be able to continue with the rest of your normal day following treatment. You should begin noticing visible changes in your cellulite formation within two to three treatments, but you may need up to 6 to 10 treatments with regular touch-up treatments to maintain your results. Treatments can be performed twice per week. The treatment typically does not leave any marks behind on your skin, and you will be able to shower and bathe as usual following treatment.

woman with youthful looking legs after microneedling in Scottsdale.

Z-Wave Cellulite Removal FAQs

How Does Z-Wave Cellulite Removal Work?

Registered with the FDA as a medical device, Z-Wave uses radial shockwaves, called radial therapy. These high-energy waves use pulses of pressure to break up fat and break down the gas bubbles located between the pockets of cellulite. Once the bubbles of gas re-expand following treatment, the fat capsules continue their destruction, leading to increased collagen production and smoother skin.

Why Should I Choose Ultra Smooth Skin for My Cellulite Treatment?

We offer state-of-the-art Z-Wave cellulite treatment in Scottsdale where our staff of aesthetic providers is highly trained in anti-aging and skin care regimens as well as in fat reduction techniques. We ensure that we stay up to date so that you receive premier care with amazing results in non-surgical body contouring.

Who Shouldn't Get a Z-Wave Cellulite Treatment?

If you are overweight or obese, Z-Wave may not be a good choice. It is best to reach a healthy weight before having any body contouring procedures. You should also check with the aesthetic provider during your consultation if you have recently had another procedure in the area, such as surgery, laser therapy or another fat reduction treatment.

Is Z-Wave Cellulite Removal a Surgical Procedure?

Z-Wave is not a surgery. It is performed with a 39-millimeter-wide handheld instrument on top of the skin. No anesthesia, incisions or IVs are needed, and you will not need any recovery time.

What Pain Relief Options Are Available During a Z-Wave Cellulite Treatment?

You will not need any pain relief options or anesthesia during Z-Wave because it is not painful at all. In fact, most patients report that the treatment feels much like a relaxing massage.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Cellulite Removal Using Z-Wave?

Z-Wave has a very low risk of side effects, and your provider will discuss any with you in detail before your procedure. You may find that your skin is slightly red and warm to the touch following treatment, but you should experience no pain.

How Much Does Z-Wave Cellulite Removal Cost?

The cost for Z-Wave treatment will vary based on how many areas of the body are being treated and how many treatments you require. Furthermore. we offer monthly specials on various treatments at each of our three locations, so check there to see if we’re offering any special promotions. See below for a list of prices.

Where Can I See Z-Wave Cellulite Removal Before and After Pictures?

Check out real before and after pictures of others who have had Z-Wave treatments on the Zimmer Aesthetic website. You can also request to view pictures in our practice during your consultation to see real patient results.

Where Will My Cellulite Treatment Be Performed?

We perform Z-Wave cellulite treatment in Scottsdale, specifically performed at our Gainey location. The treatment is done in a private room, and you will be able to go home immediately after the treatment.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Z-Wave Cellulite Removal?

Z-Wave is a good choice if you are within a normal weight range and struggle with mild to moderate amounts of cellulite on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips or upper arms. It can also be used as an adjunct treatment with other fat removal treatments, such as CoolSculpting. Women of all ages can experience positive results with Z-Wave. If you are looking for a fast, budget-friendly, noninvasive way of removing your dimpled skin, this type of cellulite treatment may be for you.

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