What is Acne? What Triggers It? And How Can I Treat It?

What is acne?

Acne is a condition that causes pimples to develop on the chest, face and back. Pregnancy, adolescence, and hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle all put a woman at risk for developing acne. Additionally, women who have a family history of this condition are at an increased risk for developing it themselves.

What causes acne?

The sebaceous glands produce oil that lubricates the skin. Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands produce too much oil and clog the pores. The shedding of dead skin cells and bacteria buildup are two other possible causes of acne.

What can be done to treat acne?

One of the simplest things that women can do at home to treat their acne is cleanse their skin twice per day. Cleansing the skin removes the oil and acne-causing bacteria. Women should also make sure that they wash their skin after exercising. The sweat produced during exercising can cause dirt and bacteria to accumulate under the skin. However, it is important to note that washing the skin more than twice a day can cause dryness.

There has also been evidence to suggest that omega 3 fatty acids can help treat acne. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fatty fish, shrimp, flax seed and walnuts. This nutrient can also be found in fish oil supplements. Experts believe that since omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, they can potentially be beneficial for treating acne.

When to see a dermatologist

Women who have not noticed an improvement in their acne after three months should see a dermatologist. Antibiotics and birth control pills are just two of the many prescription acne treatments available.

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