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Skin Care for Men

If you ask the man in your life about what he uses for skin care, he is likely to say “soap.” Gone are the days, however, when skin care was only a concern for women.
Youth allows us to be lazy with skin care, but as time marches on, both genders realize that some extra attention to the skin can make a big difference.

Skin care for men has become a whole new industry as it grows more and more acceptable for men to pay attention to their appearance and overall health. And why shouldn’t they? Men, too, have skin issues. Men, too, want to look their best and deserve to have more options than Irish Spring. Men, too, are interested in anti-aging products and treatments. Today there are quite few non-surgical options for men that focus on skin care. All of these options (except the last one) range in price from a few hundred dollars to $1,000 depending on the intensity of the treatment.

Botox is an option that is becoming very popular for men. The injections cause temporary paralysis in areas where you have winkles so that the wrinkles are softened or completely disappear. The procedure does not take a lot of time (approximately 30 minutes) and lasts for several months.

Another procedure becoming more popular for men is microdermabrasion. This removes the top layer of skin so that the texture of the skin is smooth. It works well for people who have had scars from acne and freshens up the skin nicely. It is not painful, and there is no downtime.

More men than ever are also getting chemical peels. Chemical peels can be light because you may just want to refresh your look with smoother brighter skin, or they can be heavy. Heavy peels go deeper to stimulate collagen growth and requires more downtime. Peels are very helpful for sun-damaged skin, and men typically are not interested in slathering on the sunscreen as a preventative measure.

The most noninvasive thing for men to improve their skin from the inside out is diet and exercise. Although everyone is painfully aware of this, it is still the tried and true way of maintaining health and looking your best. It deserves mentioning because people want to feel their best and look their best; nutrition and exercise can definitely make this happen and improve mood too, thanks to those awesome endorphins.

It’s not only women who feel the pressure to look younger and desirable, and in a competitive workplace where looking younger is emphasized, men are experiencing this pressure as well. As a result, we see an industry that is growing exponentially as millions of men every year want to move on from the basic soap and water.

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