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7 ways to look your best while you travel!

Jet lag and road weariness are bound to catch up with you when you are traveling. The stress of actual transportation on your body is one thing. The emotional and mental stress of being around strangers and new places can take quite a toll on the way you look and feel, too. Luckily, you are not the first weary traveler to seek solutions.

Be Gentle with Your Body
Vacation is no time to count calories but do still pay attention to what kinds of food you put into your body. For one thing, you want to keep your diet fairly consistent with what you have at home. This way, your body won’t have to adapt to new foods while also coping with all the other changes.

Eat Fresh
Many people suffer stomach aches, constipation and other digestive discomfort when traveling, particularly by air, but you can counteract this by thinking ahead. Bring snacks with you that are healthy and nourishing. If you do choose to buy food at the airport or station, opt for fresh foods that will help your body function efficiently while you are on the go.

Drink More Water
Very few people drink as much water as their body would like. We are, after all, primarily made up of water. Blood is almost all water and even your muscles are three-quarters water. Keep your body happy and healthy by bringing a water bottle with you while you travel.

Airlines these days have lots of restrictions as far as bringing any sort of liquid with you onto the plane. To bypass this, make sure your water bottle is empty when you go through airport security. Then, once through the gates, find a water fountain or bathroom to fill up your bottle.

Consider Skin Care
Airports are infamous for their dry, stale air. Along with your empty water bottle, bring a small container of lotion that you can use to keep your skin hydrated.

Keep the Makeup to a Minimum
Most beauty products dry out your skin and can clog pores if not washed off each night. When traveling, you don’t have always have this luxury. Practice good skin care by thinking ahead about what you put on and when you will next be able to cleanse your skin.

De-Puff Eyes
Nothing says travel exhaustion like dark, puffy bags under your eyes. You can keep your eyes looking their best by cooling them with cold water or ice. Hold a cool cloth or paper towel to each eye socket for a minute or so whenever you get the chance to help keep the puffiness down.

Lubricate Your Lips
Another key way to stay both hydrated and attractive is to keep your lips glossy with a healing chap stick. Apply your product of choice regularly while traveling to stay fresh and comfortable.

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