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The Best Way to Brighten up Dry, Dull Skin

Over time, after exposure to the sun and other elements, your skin can become dry and dull. This often occurs when you do not care for your skin properly and the outside layers become bogged down with excessive build-up. This is especially a concern during the summer months if you wear a lot of makeup.

Beginning a Skin Care Regimen

If you want to keep your skin looking young and bright, you will need to create a daily skin care regimen that involves nourishment and exfoliation. There are many terrific products you may choose to add to your daily program including skin toner, face cream and wrinkle creams. Be sure to take note of any product’s ingredients though, and choose those that are all-natural.

Choosing Exfoliating Face Cream

Exfoliating products are essential in that they work to remove dead skin and make room for new cell production. Getting rid of dead skin will not only make your face fresher and brighter, but it will help to make your makeup look fabulous too. You do not need to rub your skin raw for your skin toner to be effective. There are many products that will accomplish the desired effect gently and effectively.

Choosing Wrinkle Creams

Dry skin can cause you to have creases and wrinkles on your face. Thus, you will also want to keep your skin hydrated with a good moisturizing wrinkle cream. When skin is kept moist, it is more elastic, and you will have less of a chance of getting wrinkles, creases and bags under your eyes.

Visiting Spas

If you want to brighten your skin quickly, a great way to accomplish your goal is by visiting a spa. Spas offer many terrific services including facials. If you cannot afford a facial at a spa, there are also many fantastic facials you can purchase at your local pharmacy or department store.

Putting on the Finishing Touches

Using the right makeup for your skin tone and texture can help to make your skin bright as well. Try using a foundation that has a luminous finish as this can significantly brighten your complexion. A shimmering facial powder can give you a lovely finishing touch.

There are many ways to brighten dry and dull skin. However, the best way is to create a daily regimen that involves exfoliating and moisturizing your skin. You can choose among many terrific products. However, make sure that the products you choose are natural and have hydrating properties.

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