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Getting rid of pesky stretch marks!

The body is a vessel that undergoes many trials during it’s time alive. It makes sense that all that growing, learning and living would leave a mark, but that doesn’t mean you want it to be a permanent one. Even though stretch marks present no health danger, most people wish their marks weren’t there.

Why Me?
It might seem unfair that some people are prone to stretch marks while others seem to have ever resilient skin. Keep in mind that when you see celebrities in magazines or on TV, the footage and photos have been edited to make the people look “better”! Don’t hold yourself to these unreal standards; don’t hate your body for having some scars and marks here and there from living a full life.

Other than being aware of photoshopping when it comes to those post-birth celebrity photos, genetics can also make some people have a harder struggle with stretch marks than other people. For men and women alike, if their parents had stretch marks, they are likely to develop them, too.

Start Now
You will want to start addressing your stretch marks as soon as you find them. The basic first step is to simply moisturize. Healthy skin is better able to bounce back when it undergoes stress or changes, so applying that lotion can be a preventative measure, too.

If you currently do not have significant stretch marks but fear they will come in the future, you can begin prevention today by keeping your skin healthy. Research has shown that the health and resiliency of our skin can absolutely be tied to how much sleep we get, whether we smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol regularly, and other basic health care concerns.

Clear Skin Once Again
Skin care is the best way to get your stretch marks to fade and go away. You can use skin cream and ointment to help the stretched out skin heal, or re-heal, in a way that isn’t so visually obvious. There are lots of skin care options for repairing stretch marks, but what works for you will depend on your own unique skin condition.

Work with several different products over time to find one that works best for your situation. Everyone has different skin so you will have to find what ingredients work best for you. Always look at what is in each of the skin cream s or treatments you use so you can determine which ingredients are doing the most good for you.

Don’t Forlorn
Though most people are not able to get rid of their stretch marks completely, there are ways to make them were less visible with skin treatments. Getting rid of stretch marks doesn’t have to be an endless, fruitless battle. Instead, most stretch marks can be visually eliminated or greatly decreased with a little careful attention.

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