5 ways to save yourself from skin cancer

Did you know that skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer in the United States? This has some to do with people not taking prevention seriously, but part of the prevalence of this cancer is just that our skin undergoes a lot in everyday life.

Skip the Tanning Bed
Most people understand that tanning has a damaging effect on skin, yet many people keep up the practice. If you are image conscious, it makes sense that you want smooth, tanned skin. However, if you also seek anti aging properties tanning today in salon beds means damaged, unhealthy skin in the long run. If you want to look your best not just today but also ten and twenty years from now, practice good skin care by staying out of that tanning bed!

Even occasional tanning can be dangerous. In fact, just getting that salon tan a few times a year can increase your risk for some types of skin cancer by 15%! It is easy to extrapolate skin care health from there to understand just how much more likely tanning bed patrons are of developing skin cancer.

Be On the Look Out
Anyone with more than a few freckles knows that they need to keep an eye on their skin. Changes in large moles, especially when they are over a quarter inch in size and have irregular edges, are a key indicator of cancerous development.

Realistic Sun Safety
The sun is definitely not our enemy. It keeps our planet in gravitational rotation and keeps it fertile for life, too. However, today more than ever before too much direct contact with the sun can be dangerous for your skin. When you are in the sun, whether for enjoyment or work, try to keep your skin covered. This means wearing light weight long sleeve clothing so you can stay cool while also staying out of the direct sun.

Avoid Midday
If at all possible, don’t go out in the sun for more than a few minutes at midday. This is when the sun is strongest and can do the most damage. When you have to be in direct sun, covering your skin is a basic anti aging practice you can utilize.

Know Your Sunscreen
Get the best protection for your money by reading the label on any sunscreen product you buy. You will want to make sure it is over 15 SPF. You will also want to read the instructions on new products and follow reapplication guidelines specifically. Face cream and lotions often boast sun protection but make sure they provide adequate protection. For most make up and face cream, you will want to use it in combination with regular sunscreen.

The summer sun is a glorious thing, but don’t let it lead you into unhealthy skin! Instead, you can decrease your chance of every hearing that cancer diagnosis applied to you by protecting your skin against the sun and treating it well.

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