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Mood-boosting morning stretches

Getting up and moving each morning is not always as easy as jumping out of bed and getting your day off to a great start.

You can help get your body motivated and recharge your energy levels by using morning stretches (reaching for the snooze button doesn’t count) as a way to help blood flow, circulation and give your body an instant boost of energy that can kick start even the hardest of mornings.

One of the reasons why stretching in the morning can actually help to boost your mood is that when you get your blood flowing and heart pumping, dopamine is released and gives you an instant pick me up; it’s better than caffeine!

Mood boosting morning stretches can be done as soon as you get out of bed, and they are an ideal way to loosen up stiff muscles and get your body ready for the day. Making sure to start your morning stretches slow is the best way to get moving.

To perform morning stretches the minute you wake up, swing your legs over the edge of your bed and raise your arms high above your head and stretch each arm, one at a time, until you can feel your joints and muscles loosen up. Stretch you arms out and then stretch your neck muscles to limber up and release tension in your neck and shoulders.

Once you have your arms, neck and upper body ready for the day, stand up and stretch out your legs and back. Once you have your whole body limber, you will feel energized and ready to tackle the day as your blood flow has been increased.

You will have a burst of energy as your whole body wakes up and gets ready for the day! You can repeat the morning stretches after you have gotten ready in the morning for an added burst of energy before you head out the door, and continue these throughout the day (especially if you have a job where you’re sitting all day) to maintain your energy levels, keep your blood flowing and muscles warm.

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