What does ‘organic’ mean…exactly??

How many times have you been told that eating organic foods or using only organic products is essential to maintain a healthy body?

The desire and increased awareness surrounding the importance and inherent benefits of living a more natural and healthy life has brought about some confusion in terms of the terminology thrown around. One term, organic, can be confusing to some people as the true definition of organic may not always be applicable depending on what is being referred to.

Organic means that something, be it a fruit, vegetable, product or even ingredient, is natural in the sense that it has not been chemically or genetically altered in any form or fashion.

What makes meat organic?

Organic meat comes from animals that weren’t treated with steroids, hormones, antibiotics or other chemicals. For beef, cows are grass-fed (not grain fed); with chickens, they are free-range and not caged.

What makes produce organic?

Fruits, vegetables and grains that are considered organic are grown naturally without the use of pesticides, chemicals or genetically altered seeds (GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms).

What makes a skincare or beauty product organic?

An organic beauty product (facial cleansers, moisturizers, shampoo and toothpaste, for example) contains one or more ingredient derived from an organic source (organic pomegranate extract, for example, would come from a pomegranate that was grown and harvested organically). Many products may also contain inorganic ingredients as well, so read the labels thoroughly.

The loose use of the term organic is one of the reasons why you should become better accustomed to and trained in reading labels and packaging material. If you truly want to live a natural lifestyle, you need to opt for only the most natural ingredients.

If you ever need assistance understanding the ingredients contained in your skincare products, bring them in for your next appointment and we’ll help you understand the ingredient list and help you decide if it’s the right type of skincare product for you.

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