Laser Treatment For Your Skin: The Most Common Types and What They Are

Laser treatments for skin care have advanced greatly in the past decades. Before, there was always the risk of scarring, burning or damaging the healthy skin around the problem area. Now lasers are so fast and precise that only the area that is to be worked upon is affected and there are fewer risks and side effects from the procedures.

Generally there are two types of lasers used for skin treatment. One is the carbon dioxide laser and the other is the erbium laser. Both work by using pulsed light to vaporize very thin layers from the top layers of the skin, a complex and multilayered organ of the body. The lasers also foster the production of collagen, a material that acts like a firm but yielding mattress beneath the skin. Sometimes a dermatologist will need to prepare a patient’s skin weeks before the scheduled operation.

Lasers can be used for number of skin problems.

Spider veins
Spider veins in the face and especially the nose respond very well to laser therapy. These are tiny varicose veins that are too small for vein stripping and too close to the eyes for chemical treatment. Patients have been known to lose their sight when the chemicals meant to destroy the spider veins escape the area and reach the veins in their eyes.

Small Wrinkles and Fine Lines
Small wrinkles and fine lines, like those found around the eyes or on the forehead, also respond well to laser treatment.

Laser treatment, vaporizing layers of skin as it does, is also recommended to remove or reduce scarring from acne or other diseases. Lasers are also used to remove birthmarks like port wine stains and strawberry marks.

Liver Spots and Sunspots
These are discolorations that are often found on the hands of older people who spend a lot of time in the sun. Warts can also be successfully removed with laser therapy.

These are only a few of the skin conditions that can be successfully treated with lasers.

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