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Eczema treatments your doctor can prescribe for you

Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition. If you think you have eczema, look for inflammation, red skin, and itching. Other cases may include an outbreak of scaly lesions. The good news is, eczema is not contagious, and you need not quarantine yourself until you’re diagnosed by a professional.

Your dermatological provider will prescribe different treatment plans, depending on your needs. In crafting a treatment plan, she will consider both the severity of your condition and the exact variety of your eczema condition. If you have eczema, you will likely need multiple treatment plans to get it under control, and many health providers will suggest lifestyle changes to treat it.

The primary goal of your dermatological provider is control your symptoms (again, the inflammation, redness, itching and scaling that you may be experiencing).

Often she will suggest that you make sure your skin stays hydrated, and caution you to avoid bathing too often (which can dry skin out). Often, she will prescribe low water/high oil content ointments and corticosteroid creams to treat inflammation. Severe itching requires an antihistamine prescription.

Your dermatological provider has a wealth of drugs and over-the-counter solutions at her disposal to address your eczema conditions. Please don’t hesitate to consult one immediately.

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