Vitamins You Should Be Sure to Take When You Turn 40

Everyone wants to live a long and plentiful life, but no one wants that to be reflected on their skin.

While hair can be colored and wardrobes can be updated in an attempt to look younger, a person’s skin can often let out the secret of carefully hidden maturity. Covering up unhealthy skin with cosmetics is not always the best solution for a more youthful appearance. Preserving healthy skin is important if one wants to keep drinking from the proverbial fountain of youth.

Protecting skin from the sun, eating a healthy diet and abstaining from smoking can subtract years from the skin. However, there are also vitamins available to aid in keeping skin flawless after 40 and beyond. Vitamin A is an all-around great maintainer of skin. It strengthens and repairs skin as well as prevents dry skin, breakouts and wrinkles.

Vitamin C has a reputation to help the immune system, but it also heals wounded skin. Another way to speed healing due to sun damage is taking Vitamin E supplements. Skin tone is greatly improved by Vitamin B consumption due to its stress relieving abilities. Healing processes and immune function are also aided by zinc supplementation.

While outside exposure to age-inducing agents should be avoided, taking vitamins and supplements is essential to a complete anti-aging skin regimen. Adding a few supplements to an otherwise healthy diet can ensure youthful and healthy skin even as the years advance.

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