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How Do Chemical Peels Work?

Chemical peels are used to reduce the appearance of acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, lines, and wrinkles. When your skin care specialist starts your chemical peel they apply the product to your face, neck, and du00e9colletu00e9. A chemical peel is true to its name; it really does peel away the top layer of your skin (and many blemishes that reside therein).

Your epidermis has many layers of skin. The outermost layer contains the oldest skin cells that need exfoliation from a peel to expose the newer and more vibrant cells. When you apply a chemical peel, you distress the outer layer of skin and speed up natural exfoliation.

As you remove your chemical peel, your oldest skin cells slough off. When this is complete (which may take one to several days) you’ll expose your new, healthy skin cells that were underneath those old cells. These cells heal quickly and expose a younger, healthier skin to the outer world. Your skin will appear smoother, healthier, and younger to the outside observer.

There are many chemical peels available to you. Please consult your dermatologist/skin care professional to see which product is right for your skin type, desired results, and lifestyle.

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