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Big skincare mistakes you might be making every day!

Everyone wants clear, radiant skin. One of the biggest ways magazines and photo editors manipulate images to make them look more perfect is by smoothing out blemishes and wrinkles. They wouldn’t go to all this trouble if we didn’t want to hear exactly what they are saying: smooth, flawless, evenly colored skin is the sign of true health…and happiness!

While these advertising claims might seem a bit grandiose, isn’t that the image we are seeking to portray when we strive for clear skin? We want to look healthy, energetic and gloriously alive. After all, a healthy person is usually the happiest person around.

Here is the thing though: most people do things everyday that set them back in skin health. You might have a vigorous skin care routine that you practice every morning an night, involving skin cream and skin toner and all sorts of unique treatments. However, if on a day to day basis you are making the following mistakes, all your hard work is, at best, fighting the obstacles you are putting in the way of skin health.

Water and Sleep
To get an idea of how to truly take care of your skin, you first need to think of it as what it is: your body’s largest organ. That’s right; your skin is an organ just like your heart or your brain. In fact, it is your largest organ, followed in size by your liver, your brain and your lungs.

What this means for you and your desire for clear and healthy skin is that you need to think holistically. The way you treat your body affects the way your skin looks, acts and feels. For instance, getting enough sleep each night has been positively shown to increase the health and appearance of a person’s skin.

Other no brainers in health also have great effects on your skin, like drinking enough water everyday. These simple, well known health practices ultimately have an impact on every part of your health, from how long you live to how energetic you feel to how radiant your skin looks.

You Are What You Eat
You likely do not know what chemicals you are regularly putting into your body. Processed foods are infamous for containing all sorts of ingredients that are borderline when it comes to health. Though they have no official regulation against them, these ingredients are avoided by many people because of widely accepted fact that they are simply not good for a body.

These mystery ingredients will have a toll on your health and the appearance of your skin, regardless of whether you use skin cream and the like. To avoid the effects of these hidden toxins, eat more fresh foods. Avoid processed items and fake sugars in particular.

Skin Health for the Long Term
Most people think that having healthy skin is about rigorous and consistent skin care; while it’s true that great skincare products are also essential, your diet plays a much larger role than you may realize. By cleansing your body of toxins, getting the rest your body needs, and using the right skincare products for your skin type, your skin will look better not only today but also in ten years from now.

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