5 Ways to get perfect skin! (And 5 ways to fake it!)

Life is full of lessons and one we learn from an early age is that perfect skin is a rarity. For the most part, not one of us reaches adolescence with the perfect, beautiful skin that we had as a baby. The great thing is, with today’s technology and innovation, along with a little self-care, we can have perfect skin with great skin care or at least figure out ways to fake it utilizing skin care. Find out how to to keep your skin looking its best, naturally with and of course, how to fake it with skin toner, face cream, wrinkle creams, and a few other makeup tips that will have all eyes turning your way.


Cleaning your face is one of the most important steps in keeping your skin looking flawless. Use a gentle cleaner with a skin toner that will remove your makeup but will not be harsh on your skin. These days there are many to choose from. Some even have moisturizers and skin toner included in the mixture.


Make sure and use a face cream on your face both in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. At night consider using anti- wrinkle creams that may be a bit thicker than you want to under your makeup in the day but will help smooth your face during the night.


Ensure you are using some type of SPF sun-care on your face during the day, even in the cold, winter months. Also, do what you can to protect your face from the sun. A little bit of Vitamin D is important but if you want to keep your face looking young, staying out of the sun is one natural way of doing so.

No picking

Keep your hands away from those pimples and blackheads. Picking at them only makes them worse and can leave your face scarred and reddened. Also, your hands are dirtier than you think and you may end up spreading those blackheads and pimples. It is better to use a cream meant to get rid of blemishes and allow them to heal on their own.

Healthy makeup
Not all makeup is made equal. Look for mineral makeup and makeup that is meant for your skin type. If you have oily skin try non-oily makeup, and if you have dry skin you will want to use makeup meant to give you some moisture.


One secret for faking beautiful skin is powder, concealer and foundations. Choose the one that is right for your skn type and try to apply as little as possible. Foundation, powder and concealer will help to cover up dark spots on your face and give your skin an nice, even complexion.

Beauty treatments such a microdermabrasion

If you want to trick the aging process, beauty treatments at your local doctor’s office such as microdermabrasion will give your skin that youthful look you are craving.

Injections of wrinkle and line fillers
Another option for cheating aging is wrinkle and line fillers. These will have to be done at your doctors office, but some can even be done during your lunch hour and the results can last for weeks, taking years off the look of your skin.

Self Tanners

Even though the sun is not good for your face, it is still nice to have some color on your face and self-tanners can hep with this. Find self-tanners that are meant for your face and use just a little to give your face a healthy glow, especially during the winter months.

Light catching creams

One last trick for faking perfect skin is to use light catching cream under your makeup. aLight catching cream gives you face a gentle glow when the light hits in certain directions giving your face a healthy and younger appearance.

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