Your posture, and how it can affect your mood

Did your mother ever shout at you, “Don’t slouch!” when you were sitting at the dinner table or walking across the room?

As annoying as it was to hear that, your mother wasn’t wrong. Maintaining good posture is important for your professional image, physical well-being and, oddly enough, your mood.

Did you know you can change your mood at any time simply by changing the way you sit and stand? Posture is one of the ways we express our feelings. You have likely noticed this while observing others and can tell if someone has low self-esteem or is nervous by the way she carries herself. Likewise, someone who is standing straight and tall while walking is likely very confident.

However, your posture isn’t only broadcasting your emotions and mindset to everyone else; it’s further affecting how you feel inside. If you’re feeling grouchy or sad, slouching will just make you feel worse. Straighten up and improve your day!

Try it now. You’re most likely sitting while reading this, so sit up nice and straight. Do you notice a difference in your mood and energy? Did you notice a marked improvement in your back and shoulders? They’re more relaxed now, no doubt.

So, if you’re feeling tired and moody, straighten yourself up a bit with better posture and take a deep breath. Your body will thank you for it and so will your future self. Scoliosis isn’t any fun, either!

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