Why Diet is the Most Important Part of Skin Care

Skin still blotchy, dull and breaking out? We know how frustrating that can be, especially when you’re doing everything recommended by your dermatology provider or skincare specialist. So, what gives? Why is your skin still not cooperating?

Maintaining beautiful, healthy skin requires more than using the proper cleansers and beauty products. As healthy skin cannot exist without a healthy body, eating a well-balanced diet is essential for good skin as well.

What do you need to eat to maintain a healthy glow? Here are some great, healthy foods to add to your diet:


Salmon is packed with Omega 3 essential fatty acids that help reduce inflammation in the skin and body. Eating salmon, or taking a daily Omega 3 supplement under the supervision of your medical provider, will help improve the appearance of your skin while also improving your overall health.


Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, which helps protect the skin against dryness. It’s also packed with antioxidants that protect the skin against free radical damage. Carrots are also high in fiber, thiamine and potassium, which are all essential nutrients the body needs to feel healthy.


Avocados are an excellent source Biotin, a water-soluble vitamin that helps protect against dry skin. Avocados also help the body to better absorb other nutrients while providing the added benefit of targeting and eliminating belly fat!


Roughly 25 percent of the skin is protein. Eggs are high in protein, which helps repair damaged skin cells. If you’re on a low fat or low cholesterol diet, removing the yolks and consuming only the whites will still do the trick.

Avoiding foods high in saturated fat and sugar will also help as some studies suggest that these can lead to premature aging.

So, if you’re using all the right skincare products and seeing your provider for all the right cosmetic treatments and still aren’t seeing the results you hoped for, consider your diet as a culprit for your bad skin. Your body, and your skin, will thank you for it.

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