Are you moisturizing correctly for your climate?

Proper skin care involves taking the condition of your skin and your climate into consideration when choosing the right mix of products for your skin. You can drastically improve the look of your skin by using the perfect blend of products right for you.
Moisturizer hydrates and nourishes skin for a healthy glow, making it critical to any skincare regimen. Make sure you are using the right moisturizer for your climate to achieve the best results possible.
High altitudes and dryer climates require a richer moisturizing product. Humid, hot climates require a lighter moisturizer as they soak in more quickly to avoid sweat and oil buildup common in such environments.
Climate is not the sole concern, however; the seasons also affect the moisturizer you’ll choose. What works during the summer months likely won’t benefit you during the cold winter months.
In fact, you also need to take seasonal climate changes into consideration and thus change your moisturizer as needed.
When you use the right moisturizer for the environment you’re in, you’ll notice an improvement in skin condition. Applying the proper moisturizer daily is one of the most instrumental elements in total skin care.

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