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What is lactic acid? Is it just to make me sore?

Lactic acid is also known as milk acid and the majority of people really only take the time to learn about it as it is the cause of cramping in muscles. The buildup of lactic acid is one of the most common causes of leg cramps, muscle spasms and Charlie Horses. Though it seems like lactic acid has little use in the body, it actually is a beneficial agent when found in the body in moderate amounts.

One of the reasons why lactic acid is important and is found in the body is that it is the byproduct the body produces when carbohydrates are broken down. Red blood cells found throughout the entire body and the cells of the muscles in the body are where lactic acid is produced, housed and stored.

During exercise, your muscles actually burn off carbohydrates and glucose which then produces the lactic acid. This then creates excess energy within the body which is then used again by the muscles for further carbohydrate and glucose burning.

Though too much lactic acid can cause issues such as sore muscles and even tiredness; the body requires the lactic acid process to help keep it in alignment. The ability for muscles to create the lactic acid and then use that energy to combat extra carbohydrates and glucose in the body is beneficial to staying healthy and in shape. The entire process is one that helps keep blood flowing, oxygen moving through the body and fat from building up over time.

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