What causes crow’s feet, and why can I do to get rid of them??

Signs of aging can appear at anytime, and even ones such as crow’s feet can creep up on those who are relatively young. Crow’s feet are the little lines and wrinkles that appear at the corners of the eyes and extend back towards the temples. They tend to appear when one is squinting, tired or simply just looking ahead normally. One of the reasons why crow’s feet develop is that many people blink and squint a lot, and thus the collagen and elasticity in the delicate skin of the eye area becomes weak and thus allows for the fine lines to develop.

If you have been plagued with crow’s feet, you can use targeted skin care products to combat the wrinkles. Anti-aging skin care that is designed to firm and tone skin can be helpful in reducing the appearance of crow’s feet. You can also increase your consumption of Vitamin C rich foods to further help fight back the wrinkles, as Vitamin C is integral in the development of required collagen that helps keep skin firm.

If you tend to squint often or have to strain at times to see, you need to make sure you wear corrective lenses if required and you always need to have sunglasses on when outdoors. This can be one of the ways you can prevent additional wrinkles from forming and help you reverse the crow’s feet that are already in existence as you will not be compounding the issue and thus making the wrinkles even deeper.

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