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What is a scar made up of, and why is it so tough?

A scar is a reminder of a cut, accident, injury or even illness. Scar tissue can actually be found both inside and outside of the body. Scars are often hard and tough, as they are a buildup of dead skin cells and tissue.

A scar is comprised of the skin and cells which were injured or damaged beyond the point of repair. Typically, the body can heal itself and this is why small cuts and scrapes heal rather quickly and eventually fade to a point where no evidence of the initial cut remains. However, when a cut is deep, jagged or not cared for properly, a scar can develop at the site of the cut.

The toughness of the scar is because the skin has been replaced with fibrous tissue that is naturally more tough in texture when compared to normal skin cells. This growth occurs when the skin has been damaged to a point where routine skin cell regeneration cannot combat and cover the wound, burn or incision.

One of the reasons why many people choose to have scars removed through the use of topical treatments or through laser surgery which can break down the tough layers of the fibrous tissue is that the look and feel of scars is not something everyone can contend with. This is especially true when a scar is large, prominent or appears on the face. For some people, scar tissue is actually quite sensitive and can become painful if the initial wound was deep.

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