What Are Bleaching Creams All About?

Bleaching cream is an extremely popular beauty product for many women today. There are many reasons that women may want to use this cream including blemishes, discolorations, liver spots, freckles, acne scars and birth marks. While these blemishes do not pose any health problems, many women prefer to eliminate them if they can.

While there are many natural and safe bleaching creams available, there are some commercial products that can cause allergic reactions and damage to the skin. Thus, it is always a smart idea to investigate products before purchasing them. People should read the labels on the creams and find out what ingredients are in them.

There are essentially two types of bleaching creams available, and they are commercial products and all-natural products. Although manufacturers of commercial products make many promises of the effectiveness of their products, some of them can cause adverse side effects. On the other hand, since natural products contain mainly plant-based components, they are not only effective, but they are also highly safe for women to use.

Some of the most common and often harmful ingredients within commercial bleaching creams include such things as Hydroquinone, Mercury, Mineral Oils and Parabens. Studies show that Hydroquinone can cause cancer when used in high quantities or over long periods of time.

Mercury can be extremely harmful and even toxic, and it is almost impossible for the body to flush it out of its system. Studies have shown that Mercury can not only cause severe allergic reactions, but it can also create kidney or brain damage when used in large quantities or over a long time period.

Mineral oils can dry out some women’s skin and can also cause premature aging of the skin. Parabens promote cell growth, but they can also cause cancer in some cases when used in large quantities or for extended time periods. With all of this said, anybody can see that the perfect choices for bleaching creams are all-natural products.

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