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Beyond Basic Skin Care: Three Big Lifestyle Tips For Beautiful Skin

Healthy skin takes work but the rewards are worth it. Smooth, glowing skin can take years off someone’s appearance, and is also an indicator of health.

Habits That Must Go

Smoking does not just damage lungs, it damages skin as well. Free radicals are set loose by tobacco and the chemicals contained in cigarettes, and these free radicals damage skin cells. Smoking leads to premature aging, and hastens wrinkling of the skin.

Sunbathing also damages skin and, like smoking, prematurely ages the skin. A suntan is actually a sign of skin damage. Tanning beds are no better when it comes to damaging the skin. Tans created by self-tanning creams are the only healthy ones.

Protecting The Skin

Sunscreen should be applied for any outdoor activity. One of the best habits to get into is to add regular sunscreen application to your skin care regime. In the morning, sunscreen should be applied prior to makeup; it will give added protection when used on bare skin.

Hydration And Diet

Hydration is vital for smooth skin. Increasing water consumption will have a noticeable effect. Properly hydrated skin will have a soft glow, and will better withstand the damage done by wind, dirt and sun.

Proper moisturizing will also help hydrate the skin. A moisturizer with glycerin will help the skin hold water, and one with mineral oil will strengthen the lipid barrier, which will aid in moisture retention. The gentle massage that occurs when moisturizer is applied in a circular motion also increases blood flow to the skin.

A healthy diet leads to healthy skin. Omega-3 fatty acids, such as those contained in certain seafood, helps skin repair itself. Fruits and vegetables also help by cleansing the system and offering vitamins and nutrients that feed and nourish the skin.

Follow The Above Tips And See The Difference

Adopting the above tips will change ashy, blotchy skin into a gorgeous display of health and well-being.

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