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Top 10 celebrity skin secrets

Magazine headlines advertise our favorite celebrities’ flawless skin every time we stand in line at a grocery store. Sometimes it is a special new product that causes all the fuss, while other times it’s claimed that a secret long held by those so often photographed has finally been released to the public. What do celebrities and other people used to being in front of a camera do to make sure their skin looks smooth and radiant?

1. Sun Smarts
It might seem tedious to apply sunscreen — even on cloudy days, but this is one of the very best ways you can keep your skin healthy. Research shows that up to 90% of damaged skin comes from the sun. So cover up! Celebrities do it as part of a healthy skin care lifestyle that leaves them always looking their best.

2. Water For the Win
Another simple skin trick that celebrities are famous for is simply staying hydrated. Drink at least eight cups of water a day and your skin will remain youthful and radiant.

3. Simply Smile
In grade school, we all learned the fun fact that “frowning uses more muscles than smiling.” Plus, happiness is the best anti aging regimen out there. To make this work for you, make a habit of smiling sincerely. Get used to what a happy, healthy smile feels like to maintain skin and general body health.

4. Necessary Napping
Getting enough sleep is key to feeling and looking good, and your skin is no exception. Celebrities have famously busy schedules, but adequate sleep is a great rejuvenator. Make sure to get your eight hours of shut eye as often as possible and take naps to catch up when needed.

5. Circulation Solutions
One of the main physiological reasons skin can look dull is from a lack of blood circulation. If the mirror reveals your skin looking dull, use clean fingertips to gently pat your cheekbones, temples and jawline.

6. Puffy Eye Protection
Dark, puffy half circles under your eyes are a classic sign of being tired. However, water retention is at fault for the unattractive condition and can cause it even when you have gotten plenty of rest. Drink lots of water and reduce your salt intake to help soothe swollen eye bags.

7. Know Your Skin
If there is one thing celebrities know, it is how to look their best. This means they have an intimate and educated knowledge of their skin and body type and know what will make them feel and look fabulous. Take the time to learn about your unique skin so that you know which face cream and anti aging products can best assist you in looking and feeling radiantly healthy.

8. DIY Astringents
Looking your best at all times means being creative with the things you use to freshen up. Don’t have access to your favorite wrinkle creams and skin toner products? Lemon juice is an effective astringent, meaning it helps clean pores and works as a skin toner.

9. DIY Moisturizers
Once your face has been cleansed and toned, you need to moisturize to keep your pores healthy. Simple olive oil works as a moisturizing face cream in a pinch. Knowing around-the-house skin care solutions to everyday skin problems means you are never caught off guard.

10. Wrinkle Worries
Anyone over the age of 25 has peered into the mirror and worried about the onset of wrinkles. Celebrities’ careers can depend on how young they look, so they are experts in keeping young, firm skin. Do your research and find wrinkle creams with key ingredients that your skin type requires.

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