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10 Tips to Wake Up With Better Skin

Did you know that better skin in the morning starts the night before? In fact, your skin care routine before bed at night determines just how fresh you appear the next morning.

1. Remove all Makeup
You already know it is important to remove makeup before going to bed. Taking just a few moments to remove this layer of grime can prevent breakouts and clogged pores.

2. Treat Yourself to a Warm Bath
A warm bath before bed revitalizes your skin, and adding salts to the water can remove dry skin. Try to avoid chlorine and hot water which can cause the skin to age faster.

3. Cleanse Your Skin Gently
Foaming cleansers are great for glowing skin. Always remember to pat instead of rub and use the gentlest cleanser that will do the job you need.

4. Choose Your Skin Toner Carefully
If you use an alcohol-based skin toner, you may wake up with dry skin instead of vibrant skin. Look for a product for your specific needs if you are prone to sensitivity or acne.

5. Maximize Absorption
Warm skin will absorb moisture better than cold. Moisturize after your warm bath or place a warm towel over your face before moisturizing.

6. Help Skin to Repair as You Sleep
While you are resting, your skin works to repair collagen. Applying a retinol face cream before bed helps those repairs along. Sometimes these are known as wrinkle creams because they improve how wrinkles appear. While experts disagree on whether they help much, wrinkle creams certainly will nourish the skin even if only a small amount.

7. Moisturize Naturally
It is important that your moisturizer or face cream does not clog your pores. Moisturizers with a lot of toxic ingredients tend to do this, so try to go as naturally as possible.

8. Check Your Pillow
Careful cleansing and moisturizing will do no good if your pillowcase is not changed regularly. Put on a fresh one if you went to bed without careful skin care the night before.

9. Go to Bed Early
Beauty sleep is not a myth. Proper rest restores all body systems, so be sure to go to bed at a decent hour.

10. Become a Back Sleeper
Gravity will cause your face to look puffy if you sleep on your stomach or side. Sleeping on your back will make sure that gravity pulls the opposite direction.

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