Three Things That You Can Do to Sleep Better Tonight!

Are you part of the 74% of adults who have regular sleeping problems?

Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night?

If so, it’s time to invest in quality sleep by making a few lifestyle modifications.

Get your workout on!

Exercise helps your body rid itself of pent-up energy in the muscles and nerves. The body is meant to move and work during the day and rest at night. Since you’re likely sitting in front of a computer all day, you should set aside at least a half hour per day to get in some simple exercise to stretch your muscles, increase blood flow and raise your core temperature.

Raising the core temperature will allow the body to cool down at night, signaling the time for sleep. Consistent, moderate exercise improves the quality of the deep sleep stage, allowing for longer periods of sleep.

Reduce your buzz!

Stop drinking caffeine after mid-afternoon. Caffeinated beverages have little effect on energy levels in the afternoon, but can continue to keep muscles and nerves active for several hours. Soda and coffee can disrupt sleep if ingested six hours or more before bedtime. In addition, avoid drinking alcohol before bedtime. Alcoholic beverages affect the deep sleep and REM stages, where most of the restorative action takes place.

Natural sleep aids, such as Valerian root and chamomile, help relax muscles and reduce stress. These can be used as directed by your physician to help fall asleep without the risk of dependency. They do not typically have after-effects the next morning and often work better than chemical aids. Most natural sleep aids can be found in pill form, while some are available in things such as tea. Consult your doctor to find out if these options are right for you.

Why is sleep so important?

Lack of quality sleep causes mood swings, drowsiness, and decreased brain function. It may even cause serious medical problems such as diabetes, weight gain, heart disease, and depression. Making a few adjustments to allow for more hours and better quality can make a big difference in your lifestyle, productivity, health and happiness.

Sleep better to live better. Good night!

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