Benefits of a Water Filter on Your Shower Head

There are many reasons to place a water filter on a shower head if the homeowner has hard or very hard water. Hard water is water that’s full of minerals like calcium and iron. If there’s nothing else wrong with the water, if it’s generally free of pollutants and pathogens, then hard water might actually be good to drink. However, it does come with some problems, especially if it’s very hard.

Hard water tends to taste better than soft water, but very hard water, which is defined as water having over 10.5 grains of mineral per gallon, tastes of metal. In the shower and bath it leaves scum on the tiles and a ring around the tub when it’s mixed with soap. This residue is difficult to scrub away. A person who takes a shower in hard water also finds it difficult to feel completely clean and when they wash their hair it leaves their hair dull. The worst thing about hard water is that it can clog water pipes with scale and even clog shower heads, causing them to have to be replaced more often than they need to be.

The good thing about water filter systems is that they can be placed either at the point of entry, which means they treat all the water that comes into the entire house, or they can be placed at the point of use. Most people with hard water would probably have a filter installed at the point of entry to take minerals out of the water that enters their washing machine and their kitchen and bathroom sinks as well as their bathtubs and showers. The reason some people would have point of use filters put in is because they or someone else in the household is on a low sodium diet. Hard water filters are most often ion exchange filters, which means they replace calcium and other minerals with sodium. So, a homeowner might allow hard water at the kitchen and bathroom sinks, where people get their drinking water, but soften it for most other places in the house.

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