The best food sources for calcium

Having a diet rich in calcium is essential for building strong bones and teeth. Calcium has also been linked to healthy muscles and nerves, while lack of the vitamin does the opposite. Those who are deficient may experience numbness in their limbs and may also be at an increased risk of heart problems. Fortunately, with so many calcium rich foods, there’s plenty to choose from for those looking to add a bit more to their diet.

While it may surprise some, the most calcium rich foods are actually herbs. It’s recommended that all healthy adults receive 1000mg of calcium and the herb Savory contains double this. Other calcium rich spices include celery seed, thyme, dill, sage, and rosemary. While it may not be practical to consume large doses of these herbs on their own, by adding a few extra sprinkles to soups or sauces, the average person can increase their calcium intake significantly.

Not surprisingly, cheese is also one of the highest sources of calcium, however the individual type makes a huge difference. For example, there is 1400mg per 100 gram serving of Parmesan, accounting for 100% of the recommended daily amount (RDA). Romano cheese is the second best with 298mg, or 30% the RDA, followed by Gruyere which contains 28% with 283mg.

For those who aren’t big on cheese, simply reach for a handful of sesame seeds or almonds. Dried roasted sesame seeds make up 99% of the RDA while almonds do their share by providing 27% per serving. Those who aren’t a big fan of nuts can also switch to almond butter, which is equally good for the body.

There’s a reason why children need calcium as they grow and this reasoning doesn’t disappear once adulthood is reached. While drinking several glasses of milk per day may not be for everyone, adding a few extra shakes of herbs, sprinkles of cheese, or even enjoying some extra seeds or nuts in trail mix can help the body operate more efficiently.

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