How to Sleep Better and Have More Energy

Getting a good night’s rest is one of the most important things that a woman can do for her health. Adults need seven to eight hours of sleep per night. However, studies have shown that approximately 11 percent of the population is sleep-deprived. Fortunately, there are several things that a woman can do increase her sleep quality and quantity. Below are some of those things:

Set up a regular schedule

It is hard for working women to stick to a regular sleep schedule. Sticking to a regular sleep schedule is even more difficult if one is married with children. However, women should try their best to go to bed and get up around the same time every day, including holidays and weekends. Maintaining a consistent schedule will make it much easier for a woman to get the recommended amount of sleep.

Do not drink alcohol or caffeine before going to bed

Women should avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine-containing beverages a few hours before bedtime. Caffeine increases alertness and makes it very difficult for a woman to fall asleep. Women who drink alcohol before going to bed may not have any problems falling asleep, but they will probably have a difficult time staying asleep.

Manage stress

Stress is one of the main reasons that so many women have trouble getting the proper rest. Meditating, exercising, getting a massage and reading are just a few ways that women can manage their stress. It is also important for women to take a break whenever they need it.

Sticking to a regular schedule, avoiding the use of alcohol and caffeine a few hours before going to bed and managing stress will make it much easier for a woman to sleep better and have more energy.

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