how to build muscle with cooltone

How to Build Muscle Without Spending Hours at the Gym

You hit the gym on the regular, and you have almost reached your muscle growth and tone goals, but then you hit a wall, even with the help of a personal trainer. No matter what you do, you haven’t been able to turn your 4-pack into a 6-pack. Or perhaps your squats aren’t worth the lack of booty-licious results you’ve achieved. Next thing you know, you’re Googling “how to build muscle,” which can take you down a rabbit hole of unproven home products which have a poor track record of success and have even injured people.

Enter CoolTone, the newest treatment from CoolSculpting, with one giant difference; while CoolSculpting reduces unwanted fat, CoolTone builds and tones muscle.

…and CoolTone is finally available at Ultra Smooth Skin in Scottsdale and Chandler, AZ!

…AND, it’s FDA-approved, unlike those home devices you saw on Wish!

How to Build Muscle With CoolTone

To be clear, CoolTone does NOT replace diet and exercise. CoolTone is meant to complement your fitness routine, helping you achieve results which cannot typically be achieved by the average fitness buff.

Celebrities get their amazing sculpted and toned bodies when they spend four or more hours at the gym with the help of a personal trainer. But unless you are independently wealthy and don’t need a job like the rest of us, you don’t have that kind of time.

And, here’s a secret, even the celebrities use devices like CoolSculpting and CoolTone to sculpt their bodies even further than their gym gains have taken them.

How CoolTone Works

While you lie down and relax, we strap a CoolTone paddle to your abs or buttocks. The paddle uses electrical signals to stimulate muscle contractions similar to doing tens of thousands of sit ups or squats in just 30 minutes.

Can you do 20,000 sit ups or squats in thirty minutes? Can anyone?

For best results, we perform a series of four treatments over two weeks, minimum. So you’ll come to see us twice a week for two weeks. Some patients will require more applications, however, as individual results and goals will vary.

Before & After CoolTone. Individual results will vary.

CoolSculpting Plus CoolTone

In some cases, a little CoolSculpting to remove stubborn pockets of fat may be necessary prior to a series of CoolTone procedures.

For some of you, simply eliminating the unwanted fat in the area will be enough to show you your true gains. For example, stubborn belly fat could be hiding beautifully chiseled abs. By freezing away the unwanted fat, your gains are revealed, eliminating the need for CoolTone.

In other cases, removal of the body fat will simply allow CoolTone to access the muscle and provide you with better muscle tone.

Both CoolSculpting and CoolTone require multiple applications to achieve results. Our body contouring experts will discuss your goals with you during your consultation while examining the treatment area. This will help us create a treatment plan for your unique needs to ensure the best possible outcome.

Maintaining Your Results

To maintain your muscle tone, you must continue with your fitness routine. In some cases, maintenance treatments with CoolTone are recommended. You may also wish to consult with a personal trainer to find out how to build muscle and maintain your results long-term.

Inside Village Clubs, Ultra Smooth Skin Helps You Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Ultra Smooth Skin is located inside of three fitness centers: Gainey Village, DC Ranch, and Ocotillo Village. This makes our medical spa the perfect location for anyone seeking body contouring. Your workout gets you so far, and we help you with the rest!

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Ultra Smooth Skin is also recognized as a top CoolSculpting provider in Arizona, which ensures that our prices are lower than other locations in the Phoenix-area. This is because we perform more treatments than most other providers in Arizona. You get the experience, quality, and lower prices. It’s a win-win!

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