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Do you want a little perk or projection for your lips, but you’re not ready or don’t need a lot of volume? One option that may make sense for you is a BOTOX lip flip. This treatment requires little or no injectable filler, but it can provide beautiful, subtle, and natural-looking results.

Do you think a lip flip is right for you? Keep reading and schedule a consultation at Ultra Smooth Skin to find out!

Who Should Get a BOTOX Lip Flip?

There are a few people who may benefit from a BOTOX lip flip.

If you’ve never had a lip treatment before, a BOTOX lip flip could be a great way to test the waters of lip treatment. The results are more subtle and natural-looking. So, if lip enhancement fillers make you nervous about looking too “done,” then the lip flip may be a good option for you.

If you’ve had lip fillers, like the way it looks, but you aren’t quite ready to get refilled, a little BOTOX can perk up the edges and help maintain your desired results until it’s time for a full lip filler touch-up. Think of it as your early afternoon caffeine break. You don’t want too much, because you’ll be up late, but you need a little boost to get yourself through the rest of the day.

Another reason some people want a BOTOX lip flip is because they really want noticeable lip enhancement results. These patients have had lip filler and want the extra protrusion and puckering associated with really luscious lips. If you love a dramatic look to your lips, this could be a good combination for you. When we see you for your filler appointment, we can use BOTOX at the same time to achieve striking results.

Finally, if you have an event coming up and just want a little extra something for your lips without looking freshly injected, BOTOX may be a good way to achieve the desired results. This way you’ll have less chance of bruising, as the injections around the edge of the lips are very superficial (unlike when we inject BOTOX in the upper face, as we’re going into the muscle).

Who Should NOT Get a BOTOX Lip Flip?

No treatment is right for everyone. So, these are typically times when we would not recommend a BOTOX lip flip treatment. We encourage you to call or schedule a consultation to find out what options are available to help you achieve your desired look.

If you want more volume, the lip flip isn’t likely the right option for you. Volume is achieved using lip fillers like Restylane or Juvederm. If, however, you want that extra protrusion or pucker, we may recommend a little BOTOX too.

For some patients, a BOTOX treatment in the lip area may not be advisable due to speech reasons. If you’re a public speaker, for example, this treatment may affect your speech. Some people who get a BOTOX lip flip also lose their ability to whistle, so keep that in mind too.

Older patients also tend to not benefit from a BOTOX lip flip. In such cases, we typically recommend filler in and around the lips. This will smooth the vertical lip lines, establish a more youthful lip shape, and enhance and smooth the lips. If, however, we’ve achieve that look for you, we can add a little BOTOX to flip the new lip border up a bit, depending on your goals.

What Are Your Lip Goals?

Your lip goals go a long way to determine what we recommend for you. Will it be a BOTOX lip flip? Filler? Both? It all depends on your needs and goals! What do we look for when performing lip treatments?

  • Lip shape
  • Symmetry and balance
  • Volume
  • Lines and thinning due to aging

Each of these concerns are addressed with different treatments or combination of treatments. This is why it’s important to see an experienced injector who knows how to use the right tools in the right ways.

Why Choose Ultra Smooth Skin for Lip Treatments?

We offer a full range of lip treatments, including dermal fillers and the BOTOX lip flip. We also offer laser treatments and skin tightening to treat lines around the lips. Our team of experienced providers will evaluate your lips, discuss your medical history and goals, and work with you to determine the best approach to help you achieve your desired look.

Contact us today for a consultation.

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