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Have Sun Damaged Skin? 3 Questions to Ask Your Dermatology Provider

Sun damaged skin occurs due to over-exposure to the sun without adequate protections from sunblock and clothing. A single sunburn can cause serious sun damage and increase risk factors for various skin conditions. Tanning is equally dangerous, as tans and freckles are evidence of sun damage.

If you have sun damage and want to improve the appearance of your skin, talk to your dermatology provider about removing damaged skin cells, skin lightening treatments, and lasers.

More important are the health risks associated with sun damaged skin, the most common being skin cancer. Your dermatology provider can assess skin damage, evaluating your personal medical history to determine risk for developing skin cancers and melanoma.

Prevention measures should also be discussed with your medical provider. Though you may think you are cautious in terms of protecting your skin against burns and other sun damage, evidence of existing damage can be an indicator of skin protection failure. Your dermatology provider can assist with best practices for your personal skin protection steps and best practices.


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