Energy Boosting Afternoon Exercises That You Can Do At Your Desk

Ever feel like you need a caffeine IV?

You’re not alone. Getting through those long days at work, especially if you sit in front of a computer for most of your day, can be incredibly draining. Before you know it, it’s 4:00 in the afternoon, you’ve had more coffee than water to drink and still feel like you might fall asleep on your computer keyboard.

The good news is that the lack of energy you deal with on a daily basis is most likely the result of a lack of movement. You need to tell your muscles that your body is awake and get your blood pumping. Thankfully, there are simple exercises you can do to wake up your whole body, helping you improve productivity at work and reduce your caffeine intake.

Making Funny Faces

When your eyes feel like they’re weighed down by two ton weights, open your eyes wide and then close them tightly again. It’s like a healthy stretch for your facial muscles. Also smile and open your mouth up nice and large (think of a hippo) to wake up those muscles and get a healthy flow of blood to the area to invigorate your skin and help wake you up.

Stretch it Out

Your eyes may be heavy, but your entire body needs some attention. Get the blood flowing everywhere and make all of your muscles fire by stretching your limbs while sitting at your desk. To begin, raise your arms above your head and stretch from side to side. As you do this, you may feel a tingling sensation running through your body as blood flow is stimulated and your muscles wake-up. Next, raise, lower, and stretch your legs while seated. Get out of your chair every once in awhile and walk around, too.

Do the Twist

Rotate your body at the waist to help loosen things up a bit. You’ve been sitting for hours and need to move around to prevent back problems. Also, rotate your wrists and ankles to wake up those joints and keep them limber. This also increases blood flow to all parts of your body and helps to increase your natural energy.

Add these movements to your daily work activities and you’ll notice an increase in your overall energy and productivity at work. You may also have a more positive attitude and overall healthy feeling throughout the day. You may even lose a few pounds when you cut back on those high-calorie caffeinated beverages you relied on so heavily before you started making funny faces, stretching it out and doing the twist.

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