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Feed your brain with these brain-nourishing foods!

Society has it all wrong! For years people have been under the impression that the best diet for brain growth and development was the traditional diet often publicised in the media and promoted by government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture. However, after decades of research specialists have concluded that the traditional diet was insufficient for our modern needs often to our detriment. As a result not only has a new food and nutrition guideline been promoted but further research has gone into specific foods that can help stimulate brain cell growth, development and function to produce a more efficient mind.

Spinach has been deemed the worlds ultimate super food. Why? Well this green leafy vegetable is loaded with vitamins such as A, K, folate and manganese. Packed full of flavonoids this healthy hero packs such a punch that it helps to boost the immune system, improve eye sight, memory and even boost energy. Who doesn’t need more energy these days? More importantly, spinach has been shown to help improve digestive function particularly since it is high in fiber. Why is that so important to the brain? The digestive system is the power house of the human body, when functioning properly this system removes all impurities, toxins, and anything potentially harmful to the human body. When the digestive system slows, is damaged or impaired or ceases to function somehow this can cause tremendous problems for the body. For the brain this means impaired memory function, inability to pay attention, forgetfulness, instability of mood even to the extent of depression, fatigue, inflammation, the list goes on. Anyone of these issues can impact your life significantly. Therefore it is imperative that your body is fed with nutritious foods such as spinach to insure that your brain functions at it’s peak.

Interestingly enough Oats are also considered a super brain food for much for much the same reasons. Because oats are a bulking form of fiber it’s most powerful asset is the ability to swell in the stomach and as it moves through the digestive tract it literally grabs onto undigested matter left over in the digestive tract that can be very toxic to the body. This is one reason why it helps to decrease cholesterol, lower blood pressure, maintain a healthy weight/BMI ratio and sometimes even loose weight. The more efficient the digestive tract performs the better the brain power as it is kept free of toxic agents and free radicals that damage brain cells and function.

Speaking of free radicals and various other toxic agents, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are essential to ensure that these dangers are diminished. Naturally fruits, vegetables and even teas are great at accomplishing this. In fact nature has made it easy for us, the more colorful the fruit or vegetable the more nutritious it is. The darker the berries such as blue, black and raspberry, the greater value they are to your body. These types of healthy eating habits can be easily maintained to ensure that your brain is ready, willing and able to perform at its absolute best.

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