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3 overlooked causes of extreme fatigue

We have all probably asked ourselves at one point why we are so tired, but the answer can often be very murky and hard to find. There are so many variables in our daily lives that could potentially cause tiredness, that pinning it down to a source can be a difficult thing to do. The following are 3 of some of the most common yet overlooked causes for feeling lethargic during the day.

The first is caffeine. This may come as a surprise to some people, as caffeine is known for being our ally in perking up each morning. There is a flip side to this though, because since caffeine is a stimulant you can develop a tolerance to it you need more to attain that same effect. After a certain degree of caffeine use it may begin to drag you down, because your body can’t process it all fast enough. Even with moderate caffeine users, a crash is experienced hours after ingestion which can leave you groggy and worn out until the next day.

Second on the list is inactivity. Inactivity may be viewed as a result of lethargy, but by incorporating exercises into a regular routine, you can increase your energy levels during the day. Not getting enough exercise can be a significant cause of malaise, but fortunately can be easily fixed by moving and getting into a workout routine that you are comfortable with for your lifestyle.

The third but certainly not any less contributory, is the excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates. Carbs consumed on a very frequent basis or in large quantities can cause fatigue in some people, as well as weight gain. It is recommended to limit your carb intake as a possible “trial and error” method for determining the source of fatigue. Fatigue can be very difficult to pin down, but fortunately there are simple things you can do to eliminate it and processes to help you discover the cause.

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