CoolSculpting Reviews & Results

Are you thinking about trying CoolSculpting? If you’ve considered CoolSculpting, but you aren’t sure if it’s going to be worth it, first read our most recent blog article, “Does CoolSculpting work?” Then, come back here and check out the CoolSculpting reviews below.

CoolSculpting Reviews From All Walks of Life

CoolSculpting reviews come from celebrities, business people, and moms who just want their pre-baby bodies back. They want to feel better about how they look at work and at play. So while you may think you have nothing in common with a Hollywood starlet, think again. We all want to feel great about how we look in a swimsuit or a business suit.

CoolSculpting Reviews From Celebrities Who Are Real Patients

CoolSculpting spokespeople are more than paid faces of their brand; they’ve tried CoolSculpting and love it. They are brand ambassadors who feel passionate about the treatment and openly share CoolSculpting reviews with the public. Current and former brand ambassadors include:coolsculpting results

  • Will & Grace actress Debra Messing
  • Model Molly Sims
  • Professional Golfer Ian Poulter

Debra Messing, Former CoolSculpting Brand Ambassador

In one of several CoolSculpting reviews, Debra Messing explains why she became a brand ambassador for CoolSculpting. In this video, she shares one major benefit of CoolSculpting: it’s non-surgical. Surgery is invasive and there’s downtime associated with liposuction surgery. Messing loved that she could spend an hour or less in an appointment and get right back to life and work immediately after. This is important for anyone with a hectic schedule, and who doesn’t have a hectic schedule these days?

Debra’s second point about CoolSculpting is the importance of doing it for yourself. She stresses that she got CoolSculpting because it was something that she wanted to do. It wasn’t something that someone else told her to do. Men and women across the country are making the same choice for themselves as well.

CoolSculpting Reviews From People Just Like You

Everyday Americans choose CoolSculpting for non-surgical body contouring for a variety of reasons.

  • Fitness buffs choose CoolSculpting to reduce diet- and exercise-resistant fat. Pockets of stubborn fat are often genetic and won’t go away with diet and exercise, and it doesn’t matter how much you work out or which special moves you try. CoolSculpting can help take care of that last little bit of stubborn fat.
  • In CoolSculpting reviews, business people share how reducing unwanted fat provided them with greater confidence. This is essential in job interviews and sales meetings. Plus, your suits will fit better.
  • Moms love CoolSculpting because it provides results without surgery or downtime. They can lose the post-pregnancy fat and get right back to the important work of caring for their children. And guess what? Dads love CoolSculpting, too!

She Wanted a Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover

“One day I found my pre-baby clothes in the closet. Nothing fit. That’s when I knew it was time to…try the CoolSculpting procedure.”

Even Behind the Camera, He Wanted to Look Great on the Job


“I noticed there were parts of my body that were not responding to my workouts. The CoolSculpting procedure was the perfect solution for me.”

Where to Find More CoolSculpting Reviews

CoolSculpting reviews can be found all over the internet, including videos, before and after photos, and written testimonials. Just Google “CoolSculpting Reviews” and you’ll find them everywhere. However, while you read CoolSculpting reviews, keep in mind that CoolSculpting technology is a tool, and tools are only as good as the professionals who use them. Positive and negative CoolSculpting reviews are dependent upon the expertise of the provider administering the treatment. Seek out providers who are experienced. Make sure your provider has great credentials. Do your homework; this is essential.

coolsculpting before and afterSeventy percent of Real Self users who have posted CoolSculpting reviews say the treatment is “worth it.” You can also find more CoolSculpting reviews on the official website.

Ready to Try CoolSculpting?

The first step to find out if CoolSculpting is right for you is to schedule a consultation with a trusted CoolSculpting provider. CoolSculpting has recognized Ultra Smooth Skin as a top CoolSculpting provider. We offer CoolSculpting at all three of our locations in North Scottsdale, Scottsdale, and Chandler, AZ. We provide CoolSculpting treatments for abs, love handles, thighs, beneath the buttocks, upper arms, back and bra areas.

CoolSculpting Special Offers

In our three medical spa locations, we offer exclusive CoolSculpting specials. We also participate in the Brilliant Distinctions program, where patients earn and redeem points for CoolSculpting, Botox, Juvederm, Latisse, and SkinMedica. Contact our practice or visit our monthly specials page to find out more.

Schedule a Consultation for CoolSculpting in Scottsdale or Chandler, Arizona

Do you think CoolSculpting is right for you? Contact Ultra Smooth Skin and schedule a consultation in one of our three conveniently located medical spas. We are located inside of Village Clubs:

  1. DC Ranch Village Health Club and Spa: North Scottsdale
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These three locations, in addition to offering Saturday appointments, provide our patients with convenience you can’t find with other local area CoolSculpting providers. Just one more reason to choose Ultra Smooth Skin.