Common Questions About Spider Veins

What do spider veins look like?

Spider veins are the blue, red, or purple thread-like lines that develop on one’s legs, ankles or face.  They may look like a typical spider web or resemble a tree trunk with branches. They can also appear in a sunburst pattern.

What causes spider veins?

It is widely accepted that most cases of spider veins are the result of an increase of pressure in the veins. They also have been linked to excessive sun exposure. Some scientists believe there may be a genetic component to acquiring spider veins, as they often run in families.

How can I get rid of my spider veins?

Spider veins may be treated by sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy entails injecting the vein with a solution that makes the vein collapse and stops the blood flow to the area.

Spider veins are also successfully treated with laser therapy. Laser therapy directs a pulse of light to the affected veins that causes them to fade and eventually disappear.

Is there a way to prevent spider veins from developing?

You may lower your risk of getting spider veins by following these tips on vein health.

  • Stay a healthy weight
  • Avoid prolonged sitting and standing if possible.
  • Don’t cross your legs when seated.
  • Use compression stockings for occasions when you must be on your feet.
  • Apply sunscreen on your legs, ankles and feet when exposed to the sun.
  • Exercise your legs. Take daily walks, use a treadmill, ride a bicycle or any other exercise that improves circulation.