Botched Botox? What you need to know.

It may seem like a great idea. Your cousin’s neighbor’s sister is offering Botox in her hair salon, and everyone is going to get a younger-looking face at a discounted price.

Stop right there. Never let anyone inject your face that isn’t a certified licensed injection specialist.

Unlicensed injectors

Botox is so effective that almost everyone knows someone who has benefited from Botox treatments. Unfortunately, as Botox injections increase in popularity, unscrupulous or uninformed people are posing as licensed injection specialists.

Back-room treatments and at-home Botox parties

Today, you can find people who offer discount Botox treatments in back rooms, garages, unlicensed salons and day spas and more. You may also be invited to a Botox party held in someone’s living room (Botox parties should only be held in a certified facility by licensed injection specialists). These unlicensed injectors are endangering the health and beauty of unsuspecting people with their lack of education, certification and experience.

You have no guarantee that what these unlicensed fraudsters are injecting into your face is legitimate Botox and not some homemade solution that is harmful.

Fake Botox

Check for Botox legitimacy by looking at the rainbow hologram.

The FDA warns that counterfeit Botox has reached the U.S. shore and has the potential to be devastating. Injection specialists that are certified and licensed are trained to spot fake Botox and report it to authorities, but your cousin’s neighbor’s sister is not. Don’t take a chance.


Every year, counterfeit or fake Botox injections are responsible for facial disfigurements and serious infections. Many unsuspecting people who believed the injector and the product were legitimate find out too late that they were sadly mistaken.

Impurities and poisons in the fake Botox and injectors who have no knowledge, education or professional licenses to perform injections can do long-lasting and devastating damage to your face.