A Cellulite Treatment that Actually Works

Cellulite is a dermatological condition that countless women suffer from. Some estimates say that 95% of women suffer from it to varying degrees.

You may have forced yourself to change what you wear or to skip out on a day at the beach because of it. You likely tried over-the-counter remedies to lessen the appearance of cellulite as well. Unfortunately, OTC cellulite cures rarely work. They may treat the symptoms temporarily, but cellulite always seems to come back.

Let’s examine one cellulite treatment that actually shows promising results and is offered here in our practice.

The Cause and Cure of Cellulite

Before delving into how you can treat cellulite, let’s examine what cellulite actually is.

As you may already know, your body has several layers. You have the outer layer of your skin, the flesh beneath it, natural layers of fat, nerves, other connective tissues and fibers, and bones beneath them.

When the layers of fat interact with the tissues below it, they can pucker. This is what causes cellulite.

Creams and other treatments that aim to treat this symptom only work temporarily. They may (rarely) reduce cellulite, but they are far from a cure for it. You’ll find yourself regularly reapplying these treatments while your cellulite likely worsens over time.

Thermage: A Cellulite Treatment that Actually Works!

Thermage exists as a more lasting and successful way of treating cellulite. It utilizes radio waves tuned to the right frequency that allows them to interact with the deep layers of the dermis. This allows it to tighten your skin and rearrange the fat cells in trouble areas. This gives them a more uniform formation, which in turn dramatically reduces and, in some cases, completely removes the appearance of cellulite.

Revolutionizing Skin Treatment

Thermage has been clinically shown to provide better results than over-the-counter remedies. It can be used to reshape your body to treat everything from cellulite to sagging skin. If you’re tired of dealing with less-than-perfect skin, then consider using Thermage. It may be able to give you the vibrant, shapely and smooth skin you desire. Contact us today for a consultation.

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