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Why so many call the banana a superfruit

There are many foods out there that have been given the title of “super foods”, but none are more deserving than the almighty banana. Bananas are incredibly rich in many vitamins and minerals, and provide a great deal of potassium which the body needs. The nice thing about bananas is that they taste so good, and are desirable to eat as a quick snack. This makes them very easy to incorporate into a diet, allowing you to reap the full benefits of this yellow skinned fruit.

Besides potassium and other helpful elements, bananas help induce regularity as well. They are known for their generous fiber content, making for a great dietary supplement with the goal of becoming more regular. Aside from these benefits are the healing qualities, as it has been said that eating a banana after a night of partying will aid in a way that reverses the effects of fatigue. Vitamins and nutrients are so readily absorbed from bananas that they provide a quick shot of energy to the body, in a tasty easy-to-open package.

These are not all of the benefits available that you can get from eating more bananas, but some of the main positives that they are famous for. Perhaps some day they will become as clinically recommended as apples, replacing the old phrase of “an apple a day.” They certainly deserve the credit, being often underrated as a health food, and many people still go unaware of the incredible benefits of this soft delicious fruit.

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