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What Really Causes Age Spots?

Getting older has never done the skin any favors, it starts with wrinkles and from there the list just continues. Age spots are one of the many negative side effects that come with getting older. Although something like wrinkles is natural, age spots are brought about in a completely different way.

What are Age Spots?
Age spots are flat, brown spots that develop on the skin. They usually sprout up during middle age but can sometimes occur sooner in rare occurrences. Although they do not look appealing, they are usually harmless. They tend to come in a variety of sizes and are often found on the face, hands, shoulders or arms and are especially dominate against fair skin.

What Causes Age Spots?
The name “age spots” does not serve the problem very well because they are not prominently caused by age. The main reason individuals develop age spots is because they have spent a large amount of time in the sun or tanning beds throughout their life. Age spots are caused by exposure to UV light. The melanin that is inside the upper layer of skin gives the skin its normal color. Once it has been exposed to the sun, the production of melanin begins to accelerate, thus causing it to tan. Over the years, areas that have been exposed to the sun on a regular basis begin to develop age spots because the melanin is produced in higher concentrations.

Age spots are harmless and result in little to no medical issues, but they do result in unattractive stamps across the skin. Aging may mean wrinkles, but it does not have to mean spots. Many individuals can reduce their risk by lowering the amount of time spent in the sun or tanning beds.

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