What Causes a Sunburn?

Sunburn typically occurs when people expose themselves to too much sunlight. However, people can receive sunburns from other sources, as well, including tanning lamps and UV light sources. While some people may tan, when exposed to a lot of sun, many other people experience such things as reddening of the skin, chapping and blistering.

In many cases, skin will burn or tingle for some time after over-exposure to the sun. For some people, sunburns can be quite painful. Studies show that some people suffer from sunburns much more frequently than others, and individuals with fair skin usually suffer much more than those with dark skin. This is because people with dark skin have more melanin within their skin than do people with light skin, and melanin wards off sunburns.

Many people can suffer from sunburns, not just those who sunbathe often or visit beaches regularly. People, who work in the sun every day, can also be victims of sunburns. However, there are things that people can do to avoid this problem. First of all, wearing a suitable sunscreen, when outdoors for long periods of time, can help avoid burns. Wearing clothes and hats that cover the body can help, as well; however, this is not always feasible.

While many sunburns are minor problems that people can soothe in just a few days, constant overexposure to sunlight can lead to serious health problems, such as skin cancer. Therefore, it is not the best idea for people to expose themselves to more sun than is necessary; and if they must be in the sun for a long time, they should wear an excellent sunscreen.

Some terrific, natural ways to soothe sunburns are to drink plenty of water, as too much sun can dehydrate skin. Aloe vera creams can significantly help soothe sunburns, as well. Some fruits that can help re-hydrate skin include watermelon, limes, oranges and cantaloupe. The best thing for people to do, however, is minimize their time in the sun and wear a sunscreen when they need to spend a lot of time outdoors.

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