What caused YOUR wrinkles? Maybe one of these…

The age women look depends heavily on skin’s appearance. If skin is smooth and soft, a 50 year old can easily appear to be much younger, but at the same time, a younger women may appear to be years older due to wrinkles and sagging skin. Many women wonder why their skin seems to age faster than others, and doctors are discovering this is due to three main causes.

The number one cause of wrinkles is exposure to harmful UV rays. While tanned skin may look appealing to some, this darkened color is actually due to sun damage. Overtime, this damage wreaks havoc on the skin by slowly killing tissue. In particular, this damages the collagen and elastin found within the skin which causes premature wrinkles and sagging. To prevent this, it’s highly recommended that women apply sunscreen whenever out in the sun.

Smoking is another common cause of wrinkles, because, similar to UV rays, the chemicals found within cigarette smoke damages the skin’s tissue. If that’s not bad enough, smoking has also been shown to speed up the aging process, causing women to look years older than they are. To prevent this, women can stop smoking and limit exposure to secondhand smoke. If that’s not possible, switching to electronic ciggerates, which emit water vapor instead of smoke, has also been shown to be helpful.

A less commonly thought of reason for wrinkles is repeated facial exposure. Every time facial muscles move, a small groove is made underneath the skin. As women age, the skin becomes less flexible and unable to spring back to place. With repeated facial exposure, this process is sped up even more resulting in premature wrinkles. This is most noticeable around the eyes due to squinting. Women can prevent squinting by wearing sunglasses whenever out in the sun and also making sure they have up to date prescription glasses if needed.

If women are noticing they have an abnormal amount of wrinkles despite their young age, it may very well be because of one or more of these three common problems. While reversing the damage may not be possible, women will be able to protect against further wrinkles by following the right preventive measures.

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