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Ways to get your protein without eating meat

Having a well rounded and balanced diet is essential to optimal health. Though you want to make sure to eat the right mix of foods, you also may want to cut out some of the meat from your diet for health reasons. If you are opting for this method of eating better, you will need to supplement your diet by adding in some protein rich foods for energy and skin cell regeneration which is aided through the consumption of protein. You can find a wide array of protein rich foods to add to your diet without having to eat meat.

Some of the most popular and common foods that are high in protein include beans such as chickpeas and lentils, nuts such as macadamia and peanuts, seeds such as sunflower and safflower and whole grains including wheat and oats. You can also get a good dose of protein by eating peanut butter, eggs, wheat bread and broccoli. Soy based products are also an ideal source of protein, and you can find plenty of protein in tofu, soy milk, and tempeh.

By incorporating these types of protein rich foods in to your diet, you will actually find ways to use these ingredients and foods in some of the common meals and dishes you have always enjoyed. Before long, you most likely will not even realize that you have reduced or removed meat from your diet as you will be looking and felling great! Proper nutrition is critical to an overall healthy lifestyle and general well being. When you do make dietary changes such as cutting meat out of your routine you need to supplement with some other items so you are sure to get the proper nutrition you need.

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