Top three tips for getting rid of puffy eyes

Waking up with puffy eyes or having your eyes get puffy as the day goes on is one of the issues that can plague your otherwise wide awake and healthy looking appearance. You can use a few tricks and tips to help get rid of puffy eyes so that you can have a bright eyed look to help you get back to putting your best face forward.

The first way to get rid of puffy eyes is to soothe the swollen skin surrounding the eyes which is causing them to look puffy. You can place a cold compress directly over your eyes and let the coolness of the cloth aide in reducing the puffiness. This may take upwards of one-half to one full hour depending on how swollen you eyes are. The cooler the compress the better, though too cold could cause you to get a headache.

The second most common method, and most traditional, in combating puffy eyes is by placing freshly sliced and chilled rings of cucumber over the eyes. Cucumber has a natural ability to reduce swelling, and thus the slices will help reduce the appearance of puffy skin around the eyes.

The third way you can help to get your eyes back to looking their best is by taking a nice cool shower. The cold water will not only help wake you up on mornings when you get up with puffiness around your eyes; the water itself will help to reduce inflammation of the skin which is the cause of the swollen skin.

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