Top five (of the many) benefits of fish oil

It’s a well known fact that fish oil is good for the body, and while both scientists and doctors already knew this, recent studies have shown that fish oil is far more than just your average vitamin. The pill has been linked to dozens of surprising health benefits, including everything from reducing appetite to helping cure cancer.

One of the most surprising benefits of fish oil is the pills ability to improve mental health. Scientists first discovered this after learning that areas with a large fish population tend to have less depressed residents. Upon further inspection, scientists discovered this was due to having a fish oil rich diet. The same results can be mimicked by taking fish oil pills.

Fish oil is also beneficial to physical health as well. The oil has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body which can help with conditions such as lupus or psoriasis. Fish oil also helps to keep the joints slick, drastically improving pain levels in those who have arthritis.

This vitamin isn’t just for adults however, it’s also been shown to help promote brain function in babies. Studies have shown that women who took fish oil during pregnancy had babies with higher IQs and less of a risk of giving birth to children with mental disabilities.

While fish oil is great during pregnancy, new mothers shouldn’t stop taking it once the baby is born if they’re looking to shed some baby weight. Not only does fish oil work as an appetite suppressant, but the vitamin also helps to improve metabolism, making losing the weight even easier.

Finally, the most impressive thing fish oil does is to help cure cancer. Studies have shown that when taking the vitamin, tumors grow at a much slower rate. This is true for all tumors, cancerous or benign, and fish oil works particularly well on breast cancer.

With so many different uses for fish oil, it’s hard to find a reason not to take it. For those who need even more of a reason to take it, the vitamin also comes with the bonus of being much cheaper than prescription medications that do virtually the same thing. With such a variety of health benefits, doctors are now recommending that patients take the pill daily to improve the quality of life.

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