Nail Health Tips and Treatments

A surprising amount of information about a person’s general health can be discerned by looking at their nails. Nails that are discolored, brittle or malformed can be indications of conditions that are easily remediable or quite serious. Here are some health tips and treatments for nails.

Health Tips
Nails, like hair, are made out of keratin, but with nails the keratin becomes very tough and hard as time goes on. Healthy nails lack blemishes, are smooth and are the same color throughout. Their care is simple. Nails should be kept clean and dry and shouldn’t be subjected to corrosive substances like harsh cleansers. People should wear gloves when they clean. Fingernails that are perpetually dirty and damp encourage fungi and other pathogens to grow beneath them.

A person should also be careful not to get cuts or other injuries near their nail because this also encourages pathogens to breed. They also shouldn?t use their fingernails to try to dislodge or pry at objects that are better removed by tools. They shouldn’t bite their nails or pick off hangnails, because this can also cause injury.

People shouldn’t ignore nails that grow discolored, that twist or curl, that become too thick or too thin, or that start to separate from the nail bed. They should also see a doctor if the skin around the nails looks inflamed and the inflammation doesn’t go away.

Nails should be trimmed with clippers or scissors made for manicures. They should be trimmed straight, then gently shaped.

Moisturizers are not only good for the nails, but feel good as well. The moisturizer should be worked very gently into the nails and the cuticles. Professional manicures are not just a luxury for some women, but part of bolstering their general well being. The manicurist should be an experienced professional who knows how to treat nails with the gentle thoroughness they deserve.

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